Twin X-Long T-Shirt Memory Quilt is 6-9" longer than a regular twin, depending on the number of shirts used. Many kids participate in several sports all year long, and many families have one made for each sport.


This memory quilt makes an excellant, one-of-a-kind Graduation Gift, utilizing the shirts that's been saved for years of playing a sport. Even kindergarten shirts are often used on their senior year quilt.  Many families like to present their quilt at their end-of-year banquets.


The kids love when their last name and number are used as many times as on each shirt!!! We truly put our heart into each quilt and use each part of the shirt that is a memory to treasure.  Not many other companies will do this.  We also work very hard to make them eye appealing, and very colorful using many different fabric choices, again something that is exclusive to us.


Coaches save their shirts from coaching as well, and makes for a super sweet team gift for all to go in on as a coaches gift, or coaches themselves or their wives are having one made for a special occasion.


Price includes all fabrics, a thick plush fleece backing, and/or batting if used.


Biggest sale ever in honor of the owner's 50th year of sewing!! But the owner wanted to do something even more to help families during this coronavirus pandemic.


For any quilt ordered on our site you save an extra 20% off our regular prices of any size we make! For the time being, we are no longer doing a one-on-one consultation to see how you want it made, colors, determine size etc so please do not book a consultation.  We will do all that via email or text, and the method of payment is now done on the cart page and any major card is accepted. Thank you for understanding.


Click on dots below pictures to see others in that size we have made. We do so many and I'm sorry we can not show each masterpiece here.



Twin X-Long T-Shirt Memory Quilt

  • Unfortunately, with using your garments to make the quilt, there are no returns on this custom made item.  Keep in mind that the owner has 50 years of sewing expertise and will work very hard to display her greatest of talents.

  • $18.00 shipping and handling on any size quilt is our standard shipping.  However, to help during the coronavirus we are doing FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA if the quilt is ordered before April 30, 2020.  We do not ship outside the USA.

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