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The Journey

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            Susie Griffin 

CEO and CREATOR of Luvs2so

         As a little 8 year old girl instead of going outside to play I was intrigued to learn sewing as that was what my mother had done to save money with 6 children. In 1985 I began my business as Susie’s Originals under the Home Party Plan, then grew into retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing, embroidery, custom sewing, home decorating, alterations, bridal wear, horse show apparel, sports quilts, memory quilts, and Christmas tree skirts.  

        Now currently in my 51st year of sewing, I am still intrigued and excited to always learn new skills in my profession. In 2018, I had received a huge increase in referrals so I left my last manufacturing job making fighter jet pilot suits for the military’s F-35 pilots to devote to my sewing business full-time, thus serving my great customers in a greater capacity.  My passion is sewing but also sowing seeds of God’s love for us, therefore Luvs2so, LLC was born. Our mission is simple, Sewing & Sowing from the heart!

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